Certificate in Digital Marketing - CDM

Duration: 3 Months/72 Days/108 Hrs

This course will be on developing digital marketing concepts along with practical application, includes marketing through different social media. We expect the students of this course will be confident to start their career in the area of digital marketing.

Course Outline: Adobe Photoshop, Digital Marketing


Diploma in Digital Marketing - DDM

Duration: 6 Months/144 Days/216 Hrs

The objective of the course is to help students to understand digital marketing methods. The aim of the course is to provide participants with a rich set of digital skills to devise, plan and implement an engaging and successful digital strategy that delivers on and supports business objective.

Course Outline: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illutrator, Digital Marketing


Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing - PDDM

Duration: 9 Months/216 Days/324 Hrs

PDDM is ideal for anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital marketing. It covers most advanced features and Methods in Digital Marketing. The course is mainly developed for the participants who wish to start their career in Digital Marketing.

Course Outline: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, HTML, Word Press, Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Google AdWords, Google Analytics



Duration: 10 Months/240 Days/360 Hrs

PDDM is ideal for anyone involved in the planning, implementation or measurement of digital marketing. The Master Animation program provides a balance of creative and technical skills necessary for success in animation production. Students will gain a strong foundation in both traditional and computer based forms of animation while developing their appreciation of the history from which the medium has gained its recognition. Students will engage in a complementary set of courses designed to teach necessary skills and to provide a venue for further development of skill sets within a creative production environment.

Course Outline: Graphics Design, 2D/ 3D /VFX Ultimate, Digital compositing & Editing (Post-production), Multimedia Final Project



Duration: 6 Months/144 Days/216 Hrs

Through this course user can specialize themselves in the field of graphical outputs like Layouts, Digital photo editing, Graphical designs, Pre press works & Illustrations. This involves the creation of variety brochures, cards, logos, digital photo manipulation and quality effects in print film making and advertisement works.

Course Outline: Concepts of digital imaging, Color theory, Optimization theory, Designing concepts & Digital design, Making of Onscreen & Printing designs, Color separation, Raster & Vector graphics, Different types of printing, Magazine ads & Lay outs, Newspaper ads & Layouts, Designing of cards, brochures & flyers, Offset works, Setting ready to print file, Digital photo manipulation, Scanning & capturing of images, Photo Restoration, Product modeling, Higher end designing in ads



Duration: 3 Months/72 Days/108 Hrs

Print media is changed like anything after the invention of media software. Raster, Vector, Lay outing software is used in printing & publishing industry. This course enables the user to create all kinds of print media elements like Advertisements, books, paper ads, lay outs for newspapers& magazines etc...

Course Outline: Concepts of Desktop Publishing, Introduction to Publishing software, Concepts of page lay outing, Newspaper& Magazine lay outing, Newspaper& Magazine ads, Book layouts, Column setting, Story, Text flow, text wrap & page numbering, Plug-ins for page lay outing, Image editing, Vector graphics & Raster graphics, Making color designs for offset printing, Designing of cards, broachers, book covers, flyers, Making ready to print files.

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